Become One of Our FoundingĀ 1,000 Permaculture Design Students

PermaEthos is doing an online Permaculture Design Certification course. This PDC is unlike any you have seen before. The entire course and design is done on the ground and in the field.

Josiah Wallingford is instructing the 72 hour course with supporting instructors Jack Spirko and Nicholas Fergeson. The course is filmedĀ at PermaEthos flagship farm, Elisha’s Spring and edited by a top production film crew who is living on site with Josiah.

The founding 1,000 members to sign up for this great PDC will be getting in at a large discount and have access to discounts on future PermaEthos courses and workshops.

Watch the following video for more information.

We are looking for some talented and hard working folks to live and work at PermaEthos’s flagship farm, Elisha’s Spring in West Virginia. Find out more.

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